#IamIncharge with Infinite Air 12V

I'm in charge at all times of the day.
Stay connected even if it’s getting dark.
Infinite Air is a portable wind turbine that is compact efficient, and durable.
Functions in extreme temperatures and even without the sun.

#IminCharge because it can light me up on dark.

As we continue our journey of #IaminCharge with Infinite Air 12V, we don’t have to worry at night because it can also power up even your portable lights. Giving us a brighter experience 24/7.



#IamIncharge because I can charge day and night. 

With Infinite Air 12V, there's no problem even without the sun as long as there's a wind flow.

 Texenergy - Portable Infinite Off-Grid Power and Energy

How about you, what is your #IaminCharge experiences?
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