Infinite Air 18

The Infinite Air 18, with innovative engineering and functionality, is the true workhorse of the range. While designed to support 18v devices, it is adaptable to also seamlessly power 5v’s and 12v’s without additional cables or converters. When going off-grid, the IA18 is pack and carryready, comfortably supporting your power needs. The aluminum construction provides all-conditions stability and toughness and is designed for ease of use, speed to set up and carryability.


Tech Specifications

  • Total Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Turbine: 1.8kg | Tripod: 1.4kg
  • Height: 100cm
  • Blade/ Turbine diameter: 50 cm
  • Min: Beaufort Force 3 (8-12 mph / 12 - 19 km/h)
  • Max: Beaufort Force 8 (39-46 mph / 62 - 74 km/h)
  • Max Power: 27W at 18V, 1.5A
  • Provides 5V, 12V, 18V output
  • Water-resistant and IP65 rated
  • Operating temperature: -20ºC to 40°C
  • Auto On/Off sensing technology
  • Soft-tip luminous safety blades 

  • No Tools Required

  • 5 Minutes Assembly

  • 360-degreee Rotating Head

  • Compact and Portable

  • Lightweight Strength

  • Unique Safety Blade Technology


All Conditions Ready: Designed to meet the needs of portable and personal off-grid power – from remote research sites to nomadic vanlife living to emergency preparedness – the IA18 combines carryability and power.

Tool-Free: As our design concept is based on ease, you don’t require any tools to assemble. Glove friendly, putting together and taking a part the unit in the field is fast and light in all seasons.

Packability: Texenergy’s design intent is ease of use and portability – bringing portable wind power to the outdoor and emergency service prosumer. Like all T:E turbines, the IA18 breaks down to allow the unit to be packed and carried taking up little space in your vehicle, sled or backpack. 

Wind Speed: Wind conditions vary, so the IA18 is designed to be able to power even at low wind speeds. The more wind you have, the faster you will charge, but with a minimum wind speed of 8mph-12km/h, you will be able to provide charge to your 5V, 12V and 18V devices.

Size: While the largest turbine in our range, the IA18 is small enough to carry with comfort and to bring along on any adventure. Initially designed to power 18V devices, it now has the ability to easily switch between 18, 12 and 5V, making it ideal for a diverse range of uses and power needs. For situations where you are not counting weight and could use more power, the IA18 fits the bill.

Tripod: We build our products to stand up to extreme conditions. Using machined aluminum and precision parts – when assembled, the tripod not only provides the strength to withstand the wind, it has the kind of robustness and durability to handle whatever nature has to throw at it, and if you find your self in a pinch and need a step stool – the tripod has you covered.

Blades: The turbine safety blades are precision engineered to provide smooth rotation under a range of wind conditions and to provide balanced spin to keep steady in all environments.

360º Rotation: Wind comes from all directions, so with our engineered aluminum tail fin and 360º rotation, you will be able to harness the wind variability with maximum efficiency.



  • Key Functions: The IA18 supports the charging of 5v, 12v, and 18v devices. It is important that you identify the power requirements of your device or power storage and make sure that the setting on the power dongle is switched to the correct output.  

  • Conditions: Built for snow conditions and wet environments, the IA18 is rated at IP65, and with operating temps of -30c to +40C – Texenergy wind turbines are suitable for a wide range of geographic locations and weather conditions.    . 

  • Proper Placement: Study your location - observe wind patterns and test wind speeds. For the most consistent wind, attempt to position your turbine at the highest location possible at your site with the least physical obstructions. Get creative as needed but be sure to properly support and firmly stabilize the turbine to prevent accidental fall over by utilizing the tripod ground spikes and securing the units guy lines  

  • Ideal Locations: Built for snow conditions and wet environments, the IA18 is rated at IP65, and with operating temps of -30c to +40C – Texenergy wind turbines are suitable for a wide range of geographic locations and weather conditions.    

"Being off-grid doesn't mean being without power.

For adventure travel, storm-related power outages or remote work environments, a pack & carry wind turbine helps keep you powered in varied conditions & environments."


  • Main turbine unit and charging cable

  • Turbine base plate

  • Tail fin and locking pin

  • Turbine blade cap

  • 3 x Turbine blades

  • 6 x Tripod poles

  • 3 x Plastic ground spikes

  • 3 x Tent pegs and retaining cord

  • Tripod webbing strap

  • Turbine rotor

  • 18V, 12V and 5V Adaptor

  • User guide

  • 184.75mm DC Cable to 8mm Solar Connector