We are proud to announce that our Infinite Air has been awarded the Green Prize Category Gold Award by Spain's prestigious Desnivel Magazine.

The jury of the Mountain and Outdoor Material Selection Award has issued its verdict: 14 products have been awarded the gold prize. They have been selected from approximately 300 products entered by 70 national and international brands.

This is what Desnivel says about our Infinite Air.

Winner in the Green Prize category - innovative wind generator, compact and efficient. After testing it, the jury says: "It is easy to carry and ride, does not allow mistakes, and is also very light. Of course, its performance depends a lot on the wind we have, but we can have clean energy during the night and on days of very bad weather. For those who usually go out expedition it is without a doubt an excellent choice. It generates a power of 7.5 to 10 watts with winds of only 24 kmph. Dimensions folded: 160 x 95 x 90 mm. Weight: 429 g.