Latest from Texenergy Infinite Air 18

After months of thorough outdoor endurance and product tests, we are happy to share that we have now upgraded the Infinite Air 12 volts to the ALL-NEW INFINITE AIR 18 volts.

With our improved power capacity, our portable off-grid wind power turbine will better support your outdoor activities.

With big power capacity you can surely power through day and night.  Perfect companion of your power banks and solar panels, anywhere you are.



Infinite Air 18 (IA18) - Rigorous Testing

During our recent product testing, we discovered that our Infinite Air 12 (IA12) was capable of a consistently higher than expected output level. Hence, we have decided on an upgrade of the IA12 to the All-New Infinite Air 18.


The IA18 Portable Off-grid Wind Power Generator is not only ideal for charging large power banks, but it also complements solar panels when deployed in low light environments or at night.



Our team also performed thorough testing with the Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD and Sherpa 100AC, and have verified that the IA18 fully charges these power banks with ease:


-Charging from the DC 18V port: The Sherpa PD & AC can be reasonably expected to be fully charged in a force 5 wind (19 to 24MPH) in 12 to 18 hrs


-Charging from the 5V USB A port: An iPhone can be fully charged in approximately 4hrs in a force 3 wind (12 to 15 MPH)


Finally, it's here IA18

Available now.