At the end of his jungle trek and climb to the Carstensz Pyramid, located
in a remote corner of Papua, Kenton Cool and his team were saved by
his irdiuim sat phone.


Most importantly, he could use this device because he had the foresight to include a hand-crank emergency charger in his kit. Driving rain and storms had made the trip a damp and challenging misery, and now low clouds had made their heli pickup impossible. Their only option was a 12-hour hike to a heavily guarded gold and copper mine, but first, they had to find it – and alert the security to their presence. Flat batteries on all their communications equipment and water damaged laptop were not helping.  

This is where the Infinite Orbit came to the rescue. Kenton used the hand crank to charge his iridium device so that he could call the mine and then use the GPS to locate it and their link back to civilization.

The emergency power unit, an Infinite Orbit, does not rely on mains charging at all. It can be kept stored for an infinite period of time and is always ready for instant use. All the user does is connect the device to be charged and start turning the handle. Instant power and it will keep producing it for as long as you can keep turning!

Whether you find yourself alone and in distress on the open sea or stuck in the snow or the jungle-like Kenton, the Infinite Orbit is an essential item for any kit bag. Equally useful for everyday life, it would be a good idea to have one in your car, or with you on business trips for those annoying times when you find yourself out of power.

Texenergy is the company behind this life-saving product. Based in Europe and Singapore, the team consists of highly experienced engineers and professors in electrical and mechanical engineering and industrial design.