Continous research & development

Personal power generation and being able to operate technology when completely off-grid is what powers us.

Our team is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible at the extremes of environment and temperature. We work with adventurers, explorers, and outdoor enthusiasts to continually improve, evolve and introduce products that make it easier to operate off-grid for extended periods or in emergency situations.

We are currently developing a unique wrist warmer using our flexible, wearable battery technology which will be ideal for anyone working for long periods outside – or finds themselves in cold or extreme environments for prolonged periods.

We have long-standing working relationships with university professors, academics and experts in our field, ensuring that our products are optimised for all possible circumstances. Our factory in China operates to the highest quality and ethical standards and is continuously involved in new product development using the latest materials and manufacturing techniques. Following extensive testing by our ambassadors and in the field, standards and compliance certification is obtained in countries around the world for all products. The products we deliver to you are tested and ready for any challenging situation.