Infinite Air 18 – Portable Wind Turbine

The Infinite Air 18 is a ground-breaking and portable wind-powered turbine. It has taken us 4 years of development using the highest industry expertise and addressing the need for off-grid, portable off-grid wind power generation when traditional solar charging is not possible.


  •  Upgraded Turbine Chassis that generates 18V output, which charges bigger batteries and powers devices that require a 18V input.
  • Compatible with USB chargeable devices with 8mm adaptor cable
  • Bigger blades that maximize torque and power, and increases the gyroscopic effect to rotate even faster under lower wind speeds.
  • All new Tail-Fin, which allows the turbine 360 degrees of rotation to adapt to the wind direction.
  • Bigger and more robust tripod, easily constructed in a matter of seconds and will withstand harsh conditions.
  • Water-resistant and IP56 rated.
  • Lightweight, compact, efficient, durable portable.
  • Functions in extreme temperatures.

Designed for use by individuals, expedition teams, and anyone who relies on off-grid power, the Infinite Air 18 will also be invaluable during a disaster or emergency, for use by medics and aid workers.





Total weight:

3.2 kg


1.8kg | Tripod: 1.5kg

Min. speed:

 15mph / 24km/h

Max. speed:

40mph / 64km/h

Max. Power:




Tripod width:


Blade circumference:


Power generated:

18V at 1.5A

Operating temperature

30ºC to 40°C



Rugged, Portable and Lightweight.

Bring it with you anywhere.



 Enhanced luminous Safety Blades

Reinforced blade structure for safety





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